"Thanks to (Sean Hannity’s) nonstop, supportive coverage of (Cliven) Bundy, now when anyone thinks of folks who have insight into ‘the Negro,’ they’ll think of Sean Hannity. I mean, these two go together like Ku and Klux."
STEPHEN COLBERT, re: this and this, on The Colbert Report (via inothernews)
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“Messi is the world number 1 and the cornerstone of this team . I think that thanks to him we have won everything we have won. In my opinion we are talking about the best player in the history of the game . I know that he will be here for many years because he loves the club, the city and being here”
“It isn’t good to have fans whistling you – particularly at home. I think it is a mistake to focus on just one player . Blame it on the players, OK, but not just Cesc”.

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hulkmels asked: 5, 8, 11, 16, 18 :)

best player in the world: Lionel Messi

favourite football blog: die-mannschaft.tumblr.com

Answered the others. Thank you so much :)

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lofciam-messiker asked: 13, 17, 18 :)

a footballer i’d love to date- Mats Hummels

a footballer i’d love to get drunk with- Neven Subotic, Bastian Schweinsteiger+Thomas Müller

my top 5 footballers- This is the worst question! I don’t know how people answer it.  Lionel Messi, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Cesc Fabregas, Andres Iniesta, Xavi, Carles Puyol, Thomas Müller, Marco Reus, Ilkay Gündogan, Mats Hummels, Miroslav Klose. I don’t know what top 5 means. I don’t think top 5 applies to me. I left out Kuba, and Dani. My heart hurts right now. 

Thank you for asking love :)


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dankebvb asked: 6, 11, 16 :) hope no one asked you these already haha, don't wanna be repetitive! :)

hah! There are only few questions. So bound to be repeated!

Favorite Wag- I have a lot. Anna Ortiz (Iniesta), Patricia Gonzalez (villa), Sara Carbonero (iker),  Riahannon Woods (Mitch), Anna lewandowska (Lewy). 

a footballer i hate- Diego Godin, Pepe, Mario Götze

a footballer i’d love to meet - All of them! 

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Marco & Mats eyes contact awww. too much love.

gosialovesbarca asked: 4,7,15,17 :))

football crush: Mats Hummels 

favourite son: favorite footballer kid? Thiago Messi!! Also Ömer Sahin. I don’t know why this discriminates against daughters. Zaida Villa is precious. 

a footballer i’d love to watch a match with - Mats Hummels, Gerard Pique, Xavi Hernandez. 

a footballer i’d love to get drunk with- Neven Subotic, Bastian Schweinsteiger+Thomas Müller

Thank you so much!! And sorry I can never just pick one name. 

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Anonymous asked: 3,6,9,10,12,14 :)

Thank you anon :) 

favourite national team- German national team

favourite wag- Oh so many. Anna Ortiz (Iniesta), Patricia Gonzalez (villa), Sara Carbonero (iker),  Riahannon Woods (Mitch), Anna lewandowska (lewy). 

ugliest footballer in the world- Pepe

sexiest footballer in the world- Mats Hummels

a football team i can’t stand - Madrid and Chelsea

a footballer i’d love to be friend with - Marco reus

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Anonymous asked: Lewy is not playing in the dfb pokal final?

no idea.

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Anonymous asked: Do you think pep cares about the mess that is going on at Barcelona at the moment?

I am sure he cares. How can a Barcelona fan not care when the club is in trouble. 

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The ban is not “lifted” It is suspended. They are two different things. For all you know, there will be a ban for 2015 transfer window.