I like doing those question things at night. but there are no interesting ones around. I have already said everything I have to about my dreams and insecurities. 

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after Messi’s goal.

Lukasz & Kloppo :)

140419 Bundeliga 31R (BVB vs M05)

Lukasz & Marco hugged tightly awww.


ow ;v; what happened?

Nothing new :)

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Football fans are fickle and stupid. I think that’s why after awhile you just let them say whatever shit they want to say.  

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Anonymous asked: Marc Bartra or Alvaro Morata :)

Alvaro Morata? No. I am not picking him for anything. Thank you for this though :)

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culetothecore asked: Buffon or Bonucci? :)

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FC Barcelona 2-1 Athletic Bilbao
We won’t stop till it’s over
Won’t stop to surrender
Anonymous asked: Do you think Alexis should stay on the team? I really believe that he can be a good asset to Barça.

Yes. Unless there is a better replacement Barcelona has in mind. I think Alexis has improved a lot since last season. And I think he can improve even more.

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Anonymous asked: I was just walking around Camp Nou in google maps today and I realized that there are quite a few sports fields on Av de Xile. Does ALL of that belong to Barcelona? If you have, can you show us how much FCB actually owns in that area?

here is the website dear ;)


I have no idea. I think someone who is from Barcelona might know. 

walking around in google map! Aww!

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