Pirlo v Nesta was a classic duel back in our Milanello days. We’d get in early, have breakfast at 9am and then shut ourselves in our room and hit the PlayStation until 11. Training would follow, then we’d be back on the computer games until four in the afternoon. Truly a life of sacrifice.

Our head-to-heads were pure adrenaline. I’d go Barcelona and so would Sandro. Barça v Barça. The first player I’d pick was the quickest one, Samuel Eto’o, but I’d still end up losing a lot of the time. I’d get pissed off and hurl away my controller before asking Sandro for a rematch. And then I’d lose again.

It’s not like I could use the excuse that his coach was better than mine: it was Pep Guardiola for him and Pep Guardiola for me. At least in terms of our manager we set out on a level footing.

One day we thought about kidnapping him. The flesh and bones, real-life version that is. It was August 25, 2010, and we were with Milan at the Nou Camp for the Gamper pre-season tournament. We thought better of our hostage-taking in the end. To avoid constantly falling out, we’d have needed to saw him in two when we got back to Italy, and that wouldn’t have been a good idea. How the poor thing would have suffered.

As it transpired, the notion of abduction had crossed Guardiola’s mind before ours. That very night at the Nou Camp, he whisked me away from my nearest and dearest. Looking back, perhaps those people weren’t actually as close to me as I thought but, anyway, on with the story.

— Andrea Pirlo (x)

Pep wanted Pirlo in Barcelona.

You’d be the icing on the cake. We’re looking for a midfielder to alternate with Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets, and that midfielder is you

And according to Pirlo

As with Real Madrid (in fact, even more so than with Real Madrid), I’d have crawled to Barcelona on all fours. At that time, they were the best team in the world – what more needs to be said? Their brand of football hadn’t been seen in a long time; all little first-time passes and an almost insane ability to maintain possession.

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"We’ve experienced many joys together,
Many are the goals we celebrated.
But we’ve also suffered  -
That’s what makes victory so sweet.
This feeling never loses - 
it always wins.
If we believe together - we will win together!”

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Amore já está em Valência para o jogo de hoje, boa sorte!

Xavi Hernandez, ambassador of social work it ”la caixa”. 

Some Pique appreciation is nice. 

Some Pique appreciation is nice. 

"The worst thing about playing at Barcelona is that one day you’ll have to leave.”

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Girl invading pitch to hold Iniesta after game against Granada.

ser del barça es
el millor que hi ha;
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"It’s been four years and each is worse. The solution? Normally the best option is having elections."
— Johan Cruyff
Training session (11-04-14) .
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FC Barcelona (fans) + flags

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