"We are disappointed that the adventure stops there. We gave everything, but we couldn’t score. The first period was quite difficult, we didn’t have enough attempts for my taste. We had more in the second half, they were endangered, but they have a very good goalkeeper."
— Karim Benzema
Great Football articles from 2013

For those of who keep up with my reading list, I already had some of these on my lists and the new ones I found through a football report. So here is a separate post in case anyone wants to read them. 

- Catalonian Hatorade (Barcelona article written by a madrid fan)

Why we watch Xavi Hernandez, Football Fundamentalist

- The Blood of the Impure (France/Benzema/Ribery and the national anthem)

- Be Here Now (Klinsmann/USMNT/German NT)

- All hail to the game’s great anarchist (Luis Suarez)

- My Juventus

- The Global Theater

No Sid Lowe articles which makes me sad but he didn’t write much of Barcelona and Madrid this year, he spent most of his time on the smaller la liga teams (some good Diego Costa articles). I think he is tired of the big two, the man has said everything he needed to say about them.

Some of my other favorite articles got deleted. From now on I am copy pasting EVERYTHING. I am done losing articles

— Karim Benzema  - when asked who his best friend in the dressing room was. (via thefrenchwall)
  • Cristiano: I'm gonna add dead, limp noodley looking highlights to may hair that should look good
  • Benzema: I'm going to shave only one side of my head- and the other side will also have highlights
  • Sergio: *looks at dye kit* fuck it- dyes entire hair into a blinding yellow oblivion

The Superstars of Champions League

Fabio: This bench looks like a nice place to sit…
Benz: Yo, Capi. He’s not called up.
Iker: Fabio, you’re not supposed to be here.
Fabio: Are you serious right now?
Benz: OMG! lololol
Fabio: Guys! Are you serious rn?
Fabio: Karanka! are they serious?
Karanka: What are you even doing here?!
Cristiano: *sigh* I swear sometimes I think the bleach has gotten to his head.

I swear, this team is made of dumbs. (X)

He is like a brother to me.- Karim Benzema