Salaries of National Team Coaches (according to ESPN)

The synergies between football and music could hardly be more apparent or harmonious, with both stirring human emotions across the globe like almost nothing else. One may even say Football is music. 

W O R L D     C U P     S O N G S     1 9 9 0  -  2 0 1 0

The great thing about football is that the favourites do not always win. If they did nobody would watch it.

- Mario Balotelli


Neymar pausing with shirts of former legendary Brazilian number 10 players in visual for the new Nike campaign “Risk everything”


Neymar pausing with shirts of former legendary Brazilian number 10 players in visual for the new Nike campaign “Risk everything”

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Absolutely ADORABLE stuff by Neymar at Brazil vs South Africa match.

Jumping in and and protecting a seven year-old who ran on the pitch.

And Davis Luiz with the cell phone!!!



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This is how Team Brazil deals with (tiny) pitch invaders, Johannesburg, 2014.03.05


Footballers + Things

Dani Alves + Sunglasses

"Brazil is preparing to host an amazing event. It’s a great opportunity to show how welcoming we are. The perfect end would be Brazil and Germany. 2002 was a great final. It was beautiful. We beat the Germans and ever since they have been hoping for a rematch. With it being in Brazil, I think we will win the World Cup"
— Ronaldo

Football Jerseys: # 10

The #10 jersey is the most significant, the most dreamed of, most coveted, heaviest in responsibility. And the most beautiful.

- Del Piero

"It is a fact that Neymar will be a great player. He will go down in history as one of the best Brazilian players in the world"
— Ronaldo

Nothing much changed from 2012. Netherlands and England got smaller

FIFA Ranking as of October 2013

FIFA Ranking as of October 2013

[ DT] Diego Costa’s guide to choosing between Spain and Brazil

So how does one choose between five-time World Cup winners Brazil and reigning champions Spain? By answering these vital questions…

  • -David Luiz hair or Carles Puyol hair?

Advantage: Brazil. Puyol’s hair is home to 17,000 unclassified types of insects. David Luiz’s is made of giggles.

  • -Neymar complaining about his fans calling him or Xavi complaining about pitch dryness?

Advantage: Brazil. Every time Xavi complains, a puppy falls in a blender.

  • -Julio Cesar tears or Iker Casillas tears?

Advantage: Kleenex. So many tears.

  • -Luiz Felipe Scolari or Vicente del Bosque?

Advantage: Brazil. In a mustache fight to the death, Del Bosque’s wooly mammoth would eat Scolari’s snow leopard. But Scolari’s would seduce a few cheetahs before going down in a blaze of glory.

  • -Better to play for the home fans at the 2014 World Cup or against the home fans at the 2014 World Cup?

Advantage: Spain. If Spain lose, they go home. If Brazil lose, they have no home.

  • -Ronaldinho’s partying or Cesc Fabregas’ suffering?

Advantage: Spain. Cesc’s suffering does not involve masturbating in front of a webcam.

  • -Fred and Neymar or Fernando Torres?

Advantage: Spain. The Confederations Cup already settled this one.

  • -What do you remember better: Being born or last Saturday?

Advantage: Spain. No one remembers the day they were born, so why should the place where it happened be important? Furthermore, birthdays only happen once a year, but Saturdays happen every week so they are obviously better. That’s just science.

There you have it. The choice is definitely a tough one, but the edge goes to Spain. And now we all know just how silly and pointless football teams based on nationality really are.

"I believe he [Neymar] is one of the few players that when he was born was touched by God and God said ‘You will be THE player’"
— Dani Alves