"It has been one of those nightmares that can happen in football. This has never happened to me in a game of football. That a team so well-organised, so complete in every area can lose four goals in six minutes. In my 31 years I have never seen six minutes so without explanation."
— Dani Alves

Decades from now, football fans across the world will be able to tell you where they were the night Germany beat Brazil 7-1. This was a result and a match so stunning, so extraordinary, that even the FIFA World Cup - with its rich and varied history - has never seen its like before. It also yielded a dizzying array of statistics

"What happened was Germany imposed a fantastic rhythm on the game. They were able to score the goals to define the match. That diminished my team. Those six minutes of trouble, Germany made use of those moments"
 Luiz Felipe Scolari
"I don’t think it would have been different with Neymar. He’s a striker. Germany probably could have done that with Neymar in the side, also. He wouldn’t have known how to defend those moves for the second, third, fourth and fifth goals."
Luiz Felipe Scolari 
"I sleep very well. The easiest thing for me is to put my head down and sleep. I have a fantastic group of players and we have been watching Germany’s games too. We’ve had scouts at their last two matches and our scouts have instructed us how we can beat them. When you have a team working with you, a team of assistants, you feel more at ease making choices.

I know the starting line-up. Tomorrow, when they walk on to the field, you will see why I made those choices. I want to tell the Brazilian people: we’re doing our best, and doing what we think is necessary. Sometimes not in a very beautiful way, but we’re moving forward. One step at a time towards the final."
Luiz Felipe Scolari 
"It [Neymar’s injury and Thiago Silva’s suspension] does’t necessarily play into my hands, because I don’t think that it will be much of a disadvantage for Brazil. Sure, both are essential forces, but this will also free up forces within the others. They will use everything they have. The whole country, and all of the media are shouting: “Now, without Neymar, we have to back our team more than ever.’ The other players will have to bear more responsibility. And this is what sometimes frees up new forces in a match. We cannot hope for an advantage because Neymar or Silva dropped out."
— Joachim Löw 
"Without Neymar they will spread their match on many shoulders. Until now, everything was focused on him. He is the star. Now the team is the star."
— Manuel Neuer
"We play videogames during our spare time. Neymar always wins the tournaments. In the last friendly in South Africa we voted Hulk the worst player. We pick on him a lot and play with his accent. Nobody likes to be locked in a hotel, but these are the moments that bring us together and help us grow."
  • Q: What have you cut out?
  • Thiago Silva: Chocolate [laughs]. I lose control with it - I can't handle eating only one bar. If I eat one, I don't stop. I keep going until 10th. So it's better not to start. Chocolate makes me lose sleep!
"As I said before, Germany are the team I’d like Brazil to meet in the final."


Well you will get us in semi…

Pre-WC interview with former Brazilian player Rivelino
  • Q: Is there a team like that Holland side at this World Cup? One that will play beautiful football and go far?
  • Rivelino: I like Germany a lot. I think they can improve using lessons learnt at Bayern Munich. Spain, Argentina and Brazil can win, too. Argentina have the best chance of winning since 1990, Spain are the World champions and Brazil will be playing at home. Belgium are also good and could be a surprise. But if it is just for football reasons, it would be great to see Germany win. I love to watch Schweinsteiger, Müller, Özil... They are doing what Brazil should be doing. And Brazil are doing what Germany stopped doing to reinvent itself.
"No German fan or player is happy about Neymar being injured, the spirit of fair play does not allow for that and we are here to play against the best players in the world and so it is bad that such a good player has been hurt. We will face the fact that Brazil still has other excellent players and although you cannot replace Neymar just like that, it will be the team’s job to make up for him not being there."
— Lothar Matthäus
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