Sassy Pep is my favorite.

Sassy Pep is my favorite.

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  • Q: Pep Guardiola has described you as the most intelligent player he has ever managed. Can you score goals with intelligence? And are you de facto smarter than others?
  • Lahm: That I don't know, but I do know it's an immense pleasure to talk about football in minute with Pep Guardiola. It's a unique experience.
"We shouldn’t forget in last 4 years Dortmund won the league two times, and we won the league two times. So we are on a similar level. Usually if you haven’t won a title you are more focused."
— Pep Guardiola
"I always felt Germany would win the World Cup. Benedikt Höwedes for example, did very well in defence"
— Pep Guardiola (via fuckyeahowedes)

Guardiola praised the USMNT backline in the World Cup :’)

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"Football owes a lot to this generation of Spanish players."
Pep Guardiola (via as-barsa)
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"A goalkeeper different from all other goalkeepers"
— Pep Guardiola on Manuel Neuer
"You don’t leave Barça without wounds. I left because I was tired. No one was to blame, it was a matter of time."
Pep Guardiola (via as-barsa)
"Now Messi is better than when I left. He is more intelligent, intuitive. He carries a heavy weight that is the illusion of an entire country."
— Pep Guardiola  (via losalbicelestes)

Germany has a little bit of Pep. 

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5 June 2008 Josep Guardiola officially became the head coach of FC Barcelona and in the first year of work brought the team to victory in the Champions League, the La Liga and the Spanish Cup.


This moment really warms my heart.

DFB Cup Final 2014 - Press Conference +

A sight to behold. Dante singing to Ai Se Eu Te Pego while Pep tries to dance or do something in that term omg