"One day we all sat down and we started to talk about it and we reached the conclusion that it would be impossible for us all to agree on everything because we all have our way of seeing things and the truth is not black and white, but that we had to realise that those different didn’t matter as much as what we shared. We all realised that, look, we’re in Spain team together, we have to be united…and so we won Euro 2012 together."

- Gerard Pique

"Champions League for Atlético, La Liga for Barça, Copa for Real Madrid, and everyone is happy."
— Hristo Stoichkov (via cescsdonut)
 Pages from Fear and Loathing in La Liga -
Barcelona, Real Madrid and the World's Greatest Sports Rivalry
- Sid Lowe

We always say Football is about unity but rarely do I see football fans truly united. Unless we are using the term loosely of course. Yes, we are all excited about the same tournaments and the same games, maybe even the same player, but once the game starts we are divided. We are divided by names and team colors. 

In past few days I saw a unity I have never seen before. The other day I saw comments from few Madridistas (Madridistas I swear I usually find mean when it comes to Barcelona bashing). They said now they are glad that Barcelona won the league last season because Tito deserved to go out like a champion. Then Dani Carvajal dedicated his goal to Tito Vilanova. I am not sure if he even personally knew the man, but the gesture to honor him was beautiful. The support from other players and other teams were also nothing short of beautiful. It seemed like for few days the football world forgot about rivalry and understood the loss we were suffering and the pain we were going through. They stood by our side to honor this lovely man. There were no jokes on Barcelona not winning the league, no jokes on not making it to CL semifinal, or losing CDR. Everyone understood this was bigger than football. 

Then the Dani Alves thing happened. We all condemn racism. We think there is no place for racism in this game. In the past, few players have spoken out against racism and others have shown support. I feel this time it is bigger. It is nice to see the players from different teams stand by Dani Alves, and against racism. Players who probably never even met Dani, but felt Dani deserved their support. All the hashtags that said respect to Dani Alves, taking the banana which is used to humiliate the black players and making it an internet trend has been so wonderful. I smiled every time I saw a new picture. 

As a Barcelona fan it has been hard, not even hard, it has been brutal this season. I feel as if we are constantly losing things, name, ideas, form, and people who make us who we are. People who give us our strength. Through all these losses we felt alone. In past few days I didn’t feel so alone. So thank you. Thank you to everyone who stood by us. It meant a lot. 

 Pages from Fear and Loathing in La Liga - Barcelona. Real Madrid and the World's Greatest Sports Rivalry - Sid Lowe"


 Minute Of Silence for tito vilanova on bernabeu  

Random Football Things 

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Made from a heavy fabric, the shirt was so hot that it overwhelmed me in the winter and in the summer risked hospitalizing me for suffocation, yet it was my formula for happiness. A suit of armour against everyone and everything.

- Carlo Ancelotti

"I’m looking forward to playing again at the Santiago Bernabeu. I have many positive memories when I think about that stadium. It was crazy to win the second leg of the semi-final two years ago on penalties."
— Manuel Neuer (via manuel-neuer-passion)


Así está siendo la recuperación de Sami Khedira

“Estoy cerca de volver al equipo y eso me da la motivación para seguir luchando”, dijo el centrocampista del Real Madrid.

Jonas vs Ramos; how Pepe tries to calm jonas down lol

140402 UEFA Champions League QF 1LEG (RM vs BVB)

UEFA Champions League: Real Madrid - Borussia Dortmund. [01.04.2014]

UEFA Champions League: Real Madrid - Borussia Dortmund. [01.04.2014]

Player ratings and Match Statistics (x)

- El Clasico | March 23rd, 2014


.. And again..✌️✌️✌️

Marco’s reaction to the draw.

Sid Lowe explain why el clasico is the greatest football rivalry in the world
  • interviewer: When you consider these two teams they operate on a higher plane. You think about the greatest teams in world history: AC Milan, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Liverpool. Where do Real Madrid and Barcelona fit in that pantheon?
  • Sid Lowe: I think if you take them individually they fit right up there with all of those clubs. And obviously in Real Madrid's case if the measure is the European Cup which in so much you can ever have a measure, then certainly Real Madrid are the biggest club in history. Probably you would argue in last ten years maybe Barcelona are the biggest club in Europe so you perhaps got this idea of the greatest club of all time against the greatest club of current era. Put the two together and I don't think there is a rivalry to match it. There are lots of rivalries that have some of the ingredients that this rivalry has. But I don't think any other has all of the ingredients. For example the fact that couple of years ago when they faced each other in champions league semifinal you probably could make a case at that stage saying that these two are the best clubs in the world and they are rivals. On top of that you add in the social power, the fact that I think they are two of the top 3 in terms of being the richest clubs in the world according to figures from deloitte, they are two of the top 3 club in terms of generation of revenue over the last 4 years. The fact that they have the two players who by far are accepted as the best players in the world, Messi and Ronaldo. I think that feeds into it. And then of course you got the political, social element to it and I think that's a very significant part of this rivalry. You simply can't divulse it from its political and historical significance beyond the purely footballing elements. You could say that Rangers and Celtics has a political significance that perhaps equates to some extent to this rivalry but of course they are not the two best clubs in the world, not even close. You could find maybe two other clubs that are perhaps equally big, and perhaps equally historic and traditional in their own country, for arguments sake AC Milan-Inter Milan, or Liverpool-Manchester United, but they wouldn't have that baggage, they wouldn't have the players they got now, they wouldn't have the social significance, they wouldn't have the political significance so I think when you put them together I just don't think there is a rivalry in sport that has everything that this rivalry has.